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Redux in Pieces


Last July I noted down my thoughts on Redux with some hints of the concerns that eventually led to Immuto.

I've since rediscovered my love of observable and computed via MobX, which is like the good parts of Knockout.js made even better by a very careful, thoughtful implementation.

Even so, this is not the same thing as abandoning immutability and purity. There's nothing stopping you using those techniques within a system of observables. Indeed bidi-mobx abstracts away all mutation and allows entire UIs to be declared from pure expressions. The data transformation is carried out by objects called adaptors that contain pairs of pure functions between View and Model representations. Only the user gets to do mutation!

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MobX - Like React, but for Data


Catching up on blogged opinions about MobX and where it fits in (especially in relation to Redux), I see much confusion. There is a suspicion of it arising from fear of mutability. It has none of the frameworky ceremony of Redux, and that seems to cause anxiety in some.

Even its defenders seem a little apologetic, like MobX is okay despite the heresy of allowing data to be mutable and object-oriented. The great Basarat even humorously welcomed me to the dark side!

I'm fine with being on the edgy team. You'll usually find me in my leather jacket and shades, posing on my parked Harley Davidson and chewing on a matchstick, intimidating the townspeople. Why? I don't have to explain myself to you, lady.

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